Machine Vision Lenses

Taking advantage of cutting-edge optical design expertise, MORITEX's high-performance machine vision lenses ensure accurate imaging performance for machine vision systems used in assembly and inspection processes on manufacturing lines.

New Products


Telecentric Lenses

High quality telecentric lenses of MORITEX have become the industry standard for semiconductor, FPD, and other electronics manufacturing applications that require machine vision for recognition, mounting, alignment, and/or inspection. Our lenses enable high contrast, high resolution and low distortion imaging with optional integrated coaxial illumination that utilizes our proprietary hot spot reduction techniques fusing advanced optical designs with user-friendly features. Catalog specifications alone cannot convey the high level of our lens quality.

MML Lenses

The MML or Machine Micro Lens product line showcases a wide selection of high end compact, fixed magnification telecentric lenses.

The HR 5M Series, which offers the best overall performance and was designed for the increasingly popular 5 mega pixel cameras, the high resolution HR Series, and the standard compact ST Series models provide a wealth of solutions for machine vision systems.

Technical Information