Light Guide Selection Criteria

Downsizing of the lighting part

MORITEX can manufacture custom units to match user specifications, varying the fiber material and/or bundle diameter with the desired shape.

Large quantity of light
Stable illumination with less variation over time
Lighting with all visible wavelengths

Select the light source you need most from an abundant lineup that includes halogen and metal halide types. A condenser lens can be mounted to provide powerful spot lighting from a distance.

No heat related problems with illumination

Light sources (i.e. heat sources) with light guides can be placed according to user's convenience, e.g. away from a heat-sensitive workpiece.

Optical fibers have low wavelength transmissivity in the thermal region, making them give out cold light.

Linear light from an angle at will

Light guides emit linear light with a specific numerical aperture of each fiber material.

Flexibly angled light from light guides makes test samples readily recognizable.

UV lighting / IR (infrared) lighting for special applications

Quartz fiber light guides are suitable for applications requiring UV wavelengths.
    *UV wavelengths do not penetrate multicomponent glass/plastic fibers.

Multicomponent glass fibers with heat resistant (HR) specification shall be chosen for applications requiring IR (infrared) wavelengths.
    *Standard Light Guides are not applicable to IR applications due to heat vulnerability.
    See your sales representative for more information.