Halogen Lamps & Modulamp Assemblies


Lamp Features

  • 150 watt tungsten halogen bulbs
  • EJA, EKE and DDL types available
  • Use with ACE Series and DCR Series light sources
  • The correct lamp for your light source is specified on the label located on the front of the Modulamp unit.

Modulamp Assembly Features

  • Assures maximum light delivery to fiber optic components
  • Use with all ACE Series and DCR Series light sources
  • Full illumination on .60" (15 mm) active diameter input
  • Interchangeable Modulamp units offer 2 lamp positions to maximize individual lamp efficiencies.
  • Choice of three, 150 watt halogen lamps - EJA, EKE, DDL
  • IR interference filter for cool illumination
  • Iris version also available