Lightline, 45°


  • The output fibers are angled 30° to the nosepiece, as a result they are polished on a bias, which causes emitted light to exit at 45° to the nosepiece. The line can be positioned off-axis to the object, illuminate the field-of-view without loss of uniformity, while avoiding interference with the camera; an important consideration in space constrained systems.
  • Useful for illuminating a rectangular surface area where the features are perpendicular to the line body.
  • Standard input ferrule fits ColdVision Series light sources. Can also be used with strobes.
  • The lightline is calibrated to ± 8 gray scales at a mean of 200 with a gamma setting of 1.0, for optimum uniformity with DDL-lamp.
  • Assembly method accurately positions the fiber line within the body on all three planes, to a tolerance of ± .004"(.102). The technique assures the fiber axis will be parallel with the mounting surface of the body.
  • Rugged aluminum body with black anodized finish
  • PVC covered metal tubing protects the fiber bundle.
  • Refer to section 25.02.01 for more information on uniformity of fiber optic products.
  • Custom configurations can be engineered for unique requirements.
  • The cylindrical and apertured lenses are adjustable and easy to attach.