Randomized and Calibrated Bundles


  • Fibers are randomized to improve spot uniformity.
  • For specific uniformity requirements, calibrated outputs on dual and quad bundles were designed to be interchangeable for Machine Vision inspection applications. Interchangeability was achieved by maintaining light intensity within 10% bundle to bundle.
  • We assure consistency by adding a 12" (305)* randomized common end at the input. This extra 12" (305) of fiber scrambles the light, distributing any hot or cold spots from the lamp throughout each of the legs. Then, each one of the legs is calibrated so the output from each leg is within 5% of each other.
  • Tight bending radius for easy routing
  • A variety of standard sizes include single, dual, and quad configurations.
  • Multi-leg bundles are illuminated with one light source.
  • The standard output ferrules accept spot lenses with or without polarizing caps. (See Accessories section of the product catalog for more details.)
  • Custom configurations are available. Lead time is required.