FAQs (MG-Wave®)

What is the life span of LED illumination?

The LED illumination's life span refers to the average time it takes for the brightness to drop from the maximum light quantity (quantity at shipment) down to 50%. Approximately 15000 - 30000 hours for red and 5000 - 15000 hours for white, blue, and green (estimated value for reference).

What is the LED illumination's response time?

The LED element unit's response time is approximately 50 - 100 nsec. The lighting response time when using the MG-Wave® MLEK LED Controller (power supply) is approximately 0.3 msec. We conduct progressive measurement tests. Please contact us for details.

We want to switch our current halogen light source and optical fiber light guide lighting to LED illumination. Do you have any recommended products that can support this switch?

We carry various LED illumination products which include the following types of lighting: spot, ring, backlight, coaxial illumination, bar/line, and dome types. However, halogen light sources and LED have differences; starting with spectrum characteristic differences. Lighting effects can also vary depending on the workpiece. Therefore, it is difficult to give a generalized recommendation for a product that will support your request. In order to select optimal lighting, we must review each case separately.

Are the external/remote control specifications of the halogen light sources and the LED controllers different?

Basic parts have operation compatibility. Specifications may vary depending on the function and model. Please refer to each model's product documentation (instruction manual, specifications, etc.)

Do you have any LED controller devices that can handle input voltage of 200 VAC?

All MG-Wave® power supply models can support use with 200 VAC. You may purchase the optional controller cable for 200 V input or use with specifications under 200 VAC.

Can the length of the cable connecting the LED illumination and power supply be configured and extended at our discretion?

All of our MG-Wave® LED illumination cables come with a standard length of 500 mm. You may also connect an optional extension cable (available in 1 m, 2 m and 3 m). You may also special order custom length extension cables. However, connection of multiple extension cables and special order (custom length) cables can affect light intensity control due to increased conductor resistance. Please contact us beforehand.

The lighting's usage environment condition is poor. Will there be problems with noise, etc.?

There is a possibility that lighting can be affected by noise, etc., depending on the external environment and conditions of use. For use in environments other than normal indoor use, please contact us.

Can MORITEX LED illumination be used outdoors?

Our standard lighting equipment products are designed and produced for use in normal indoor environments. They cannot be used outdoors. Special support is available for lighting equipment for use outdoors or in special environments.

Can MCV-Light LED illumination be connected to MORITEX's MG-Wave® power supply (MLEK, MLEP Series)?

They cannot be connected, as connections for standard MG-Wave® and MCV-Light products are not compatible. MG-Wave® can only be connected to a dedicated power supply. MCV-Light lighting cannot be connected to the MG-Wave®'s power supply. If you have specific requirements, please contact us. We will review whether we can support your requirements by special order.

Can we special order custom sizing of the transmission (backlight) type LED illumination and custom line length of the line LED illumination?

We accept LED illumination special orders starting with orders for one unit. Please contact us with your required specifications, price, etc.

Please advise how to secure the LED controller.

Most MG-Wave® LED controller devices can be secured in an upright position using the "Light Source Mounting Fitting" (MHF-PT001) under the halogen light source options. There are some non-applicable models. Please contact us beforehand about securing devices.

Is LED illumination available for special applications that use IR (infrared ray) and UV (ultraviolet ray) ranges?

We have abundant experience with various applications. Please contact us with the application, required specifications, etc.

How do you attach the optional diffuser plates (MDF-LR**) for Low Angle Ring Illumination MLRL Series?

It is assembled so that the top surface of the lighting and top surface of the diffuser plates are flush. There are three M2 hexagon socket set screws attached to the diffuser plates. Attach to the lighting's internal ring section by tightening the screws using the included hexagonal wrench.

How do you attach the optional diffuser plates (MDF-DR**) for Direct Ring Illumination MDRL Series?

Insert the MDF-DR** into the MAD-DR** adapter and then insert into the lighting. Use the screws and hexagonal wrench included with the adapter to secure.