LED Illumination Data (CompaVis®)

At MORITEX, we measure luminous intensity distribution characteristics of lighting samples using CCD cameras that provide simulations very close to actual conditions of use.

We position the illumination to be measured facing the CCD camera and set the standard diffuser plates in the position of the selected WD. Next, we set a lens that can cover the entire lighting area within the visual field, and then measure. This measurement is then loaded into a PC and the changes in the two-dimensional luminance level distribution, XY direction luminance level, etc., are acquired. Measurement data taken using an illuminometer is also available upon request.

  Item Manufacturer Model Name Notes
1 Camera Sony XC-ES50  
2 Camera Sony XC-EI50 IR
3 Camera Sony XC-EU50 UV
4 CCTV lens MORITEX   Each model ranging from f6 to f100
5 MML MORITEX   Each model ranging from x0.18 to x12
6 Illuminometer Minolta T-10M  

*Each of the MORITEX lenses can be evaluated. Please inquire.

MORITEX acquires temperature characteristic data using the following method.

We set the testing illumination and illuminometer (with thermocouple attached) inside the constant temperature bath. Then we load the data into a PC during the test to capture the deterioration of heat and illuminance while the illumination is on.

LED Spectrum Characteristics

The below tables show the major LED spectrum characteristics used in the CompaVis®.