Rigid borescopes with 4.2 mm insertion diameter. Three models are available, with effective lengths of 179, 305 and 435 mm.

  • The original relay lens system delivers clear, bright and high-contrast images.
  • The built-in light source is a high-intensity white LED with extremely good color reproduction.
  • Since the light source is built into the handle, just load two size C batteries (not included) to start using the borescope.
  • A side-view adapter can be attached to change the direction of view 90° (to observe pipe or cavity walls). (The 90° side-view adapter is a standard accessory.)
  • Not waterproof.
  • The Digital Camera Adapter (available accessory) connects the borescope to a digital camera (any of several different brands, but not all), making it easy to record digital images.
  • The C-mount adapter (available accessory) connects the borescope to a CCD camera with C mount. Use it to display the imaging output on a monitor and save it as a digital file.

MORITEX Borescopes are ideal industrial borescopes for inspecting and observing narrow cavities or hollow spaces. The easy focus adjustment mechanism allows you to adjust the focus during observation to anywhere between infinity and the minimum focus distance of 10 mm. Since the image is transferred by the relay lens system and can provide clear images with little deterioration, MORITEX Borescopes are highly cost-effective.

Main Applications

  • Automotive: Engines, transmissions, differentials, air conditioners
  • Industrial machinery: Engines, transmissions, hydraulic pipes
  • Precision components: Checking and inspecting holes made in metal or plastic precision components
  • Machinery: Checking and inspecting narrow internal spaces to ensure the proper fit for drive components
  • Gas equipment: Pipes, vents
  • Aerospace: Turbine blades, combustion chambers, rocket engines
  • Shipping: Boilers, turbines, diesel engines


(Model Name)
Effective Length (mm) Outer Diameter Direction of View Angle of View Outer Diameter with 90° Side-view Adapter Direction of View with 90° Side-view Adapter
BSC-4.2-180IV 179 4.2 mm Straight view 42° 5.0 mm 90° side view
BSC-4.2-305IV 305 4.2 mm Straight view 42° 5.0 mm 90° side view
BSC-4.2-435IV 435 4.2 mm Straight view 42° 5.0 mm 90° side view

External View


MORITEX Borescopes have a very simple structure. An optical fiber passes through a narrow stainless steel tube and shines light on the subject. The relay lens system sends back a clear image of the subject to the eyepiece lens.

These borescopes are easy-to-use and highly cost-effective for observations within cavities and hollow spaces.

Imaging Examples

Standard Set

Borescope Tube/Eye Piece Part

90° Side-view Adapter
Used to observe pipe or cavity walls.

Hard Carrying Case
A handy hard carrying case that protects the borescope.

Battery Handle with LED Light Source