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Moritex is a one-stop company which provides various optical technology solutions containing lenses, Illuminations, Light Sources and Fiber Optic Light Guides.

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Get closer to your clients. Cosmetic counseling as a point-of-sale marketing tool is a unique opportunity for direct contact with your clients. Selecting the optimum skin or hair care solution will build trust and increase customer satisfaction. Use our tools and systems to prove the value of your products and services. Analysis with scoring before and after treatment can even document progress over time, which is the key to bringing clients back for repeat business.

Combining results of skin and hair conditions with your corporate identity contributes even more to leaving an impression on your clients. Use your unique corporate or brand colors and logos on the skin counseling devices to incorporate them into your campaign. MORITEX has many years of experience in custom-tailored cosmetic skin counseling devices and integrated solutions. Our sales team and engineers will help you define and develop the solution that best fits your needs technically, commercially, and from a marketing point of view. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you get closer to your clients!

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