Vision show China, Beijing

Oct 17-19, Vision show China Beijing was held in China International Exhibition Centre, multiple brands and manufacturers from Machine Vision industry joined and showed variety of products and technologies.

MORITEX Technologies joined this tradeshow by cooperating with distributors SBXY, Luster, Heqian and Ximing to showcase Bi-telecentric lens "MTL-310".

It was the first time for visitors to see such a big MV lens for Bi-telecentric lens demonstration in Beijing area, which really attracted great deal of attention from them.

It has the biggest FOV in Bi-telecentric lens series, mainly applied in automotive industry for precise parts measurement and inspection.

Besides, MORITEX also showcased 4 demonstration systems of Bi-telecentric lens "MTL-100" and "MTL-135" for shape inspection of precise work part, "MTL-265" for smart phone assembly and Line scan lens "ML-5540-62M35" for printing inspection.

In the future, MORITEX will continuously promote new products and technologies according to marketing trend and needs, we are look forward to growing with whole machine vision industry and all customers together.