Vision Con2018

On June 7th, MORITEX joined Vision Con2018 at Suzhou Jinji Lake International Convention Center, which is organized by ACT and VSD.

This Vision Con2018 includes the presentation and exhibition. Main brands in Machine Vision industry joined it, and brought the presentation and their production exhibition. The audience were invited by the organizer in advance, most of them are professionals , who are end users with Machine Vision application needs.

We shared methods and key points about how to select the most suitable lens according to MV application needs for audience on the theme of “Lens beyond limits--To achieve optimal imaging result by choosing the most suitable lens”.

Besides presentation, the seminar also set area for exhibition. MORITEX showed MTL135 bi-tele active, newly released 4 series of CCTV, popular telecentric and Macro Lens, which all attract attention and enquiry from visitors.