Vision China Shanghai 2017

Vision China Shanghai 2017 as the largest exhibition in the machine vision industry in China was held in March 14 to 16.

MORITEX Technologies has set up the largest booth 54sqm so far.
We exhibited 3D projector prototype, a full range of Bi-Telecentric Lenses & those demonstration and many other lenses and illuminators.

The main products are 3D Pattern Projection DSEMO unit with DMD (Digital Mirror Device). Not only MORITEX provides the primary and secondary imaging optics for 3D phase-shift measurement application, but our solution includes high brightness, high contrast oblique illumination and a pattern projection unit with integrated DMD (Digital Mirror Device).
We delivered the presentation to introduce the features, some application and so on, many customers were listening with their interests.

MORITEX has expanded it's MTL Series bi-telecentric lenses which are the latest flagship products to come from our cutting-edge optical design team. The portfolio now covers FOVs from 25mm to 310mm, and image formats up to 82mm. This MTL Series support a wide range of field of view and a variety of cameras, and it enables an optimized measurement condition for the highest accuracy gauging applications.

In addition to demonstration these products, we presented MORITEX is a global company with a very high machine vision lens development technology. We expand our business and appeal our presence in Chinese market to correspond market's demand and providing product development, production, sales and technical support.

MORITEX will continue to develop new machine vision products to meet market demands and provide the best solution for customers.