AUTOMATE 2019 was held at Chicago’s McCormick Place from April 8 - 11 with a record attendance of more than 20,000 visitors, a 25% increase from the 2017 show.
There were more than 500 exhibitors from around the world, showcasing the latest advancements in robotics, vision, motion and advanced automation technology.
AUTOMATE also offers a wide variety of education sessions, product and technology presentations, topic-specific huddles, and even sponsored a startup competition this year.

At the show, MORITEX North America featured our newest products and cutting-edge technologies including :

• Expanded Portfolio of Factory Automation / CCTV Lenses • Optimized, Ruggedized Fix Focal Length Lenses

• High Performance Large Format Area and Line Scan Lenses • Non-Visible, Advanced Lighting Products

• 3D Pattern Projector Solutions • Industry-Leading Telecentric Lenses

In order to show real-world applications relevant for the machine vision, motion control, and robotics audience, the MORITEX booth had various demonstration systems that captured the attention of attendees and highlighted the value of MORITEX products and solutions.

• Environmental Resistance of Ruggedized vs Standard Lenses • NIR Optimized vs Standard Lens and Lighting Configurations

• Turnkey Bottle Inspection Solutions by MORITEX partner kmV • 3D Metrology Solution Combining 2D Bi-Telecentric Lens and 3D Pattern Projector

In addition to the in-booth activity, MORITEX North America’s President Jason Baechler hosted an expert huddle in order to help educate visitors on "How to Choose the Right Lens for Industrial Cameras"where he presented the recommended approach to finding a camera & lens combination that optimizes the performance of a vision system.

AUTOMATE 2019 proved to be a successful show for MORITEX and the entire Factory Automation industry not only due to the growing size of the event, but also the proliferation of vision and FA technologies to new markets and applications.

MORITEX will continue to develop best-in-class components and solutions to address the challenges ahead.

We look forward to AUTOMATE 2021 as the show moves back to Detroit for the first time in decades, where the show is expected to continue to expand and tap into the exciting convergence of factory automation, advanced automotive technology and other rapidly emerging markets.
MORITEX will see you there!