• Only irradiates at silicon transmission wavelength (from 1127 nm)
  • Heat dissipation mechanism using proprietary technology

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Main Applications

  • Observation of images that are not visible
  • Void inspections
  • SAW filter (LiNbO3 LiTaO3) inspections
  • MEMS inspections
  • Wafer on wafer positioning
  • FCB positioning
  • Image recognition through film
  • Wiring recognition on TAB circuit boards
  • Wafer surface observation/ OCR
  • Infrared microscope lighting


Input VoltageAC 100 V to 120 V/ AC 200 to 240 V(50 Hz/ 60 Hz)
Lamp VoltageDC 10.7± 0.2 V (max.)
Average Lamp Life *11,000 hours nominal
AC Voltage100 V
Weight (g)Approx. 3.2 kg
Standard FunctionsManual light intensity control, external volume light intensity control
External Dimensions *2W120 x H110 x D257 mm

* Lamps other than compatible lamps cannot be used.

**: Made-to-order product


Option nameOption Model
Replacement lamp
External remote connector with cable
External remote connector
Infrared lens
Infrared lens