• Worldwide power supply specifications (switching between 100V and 200V)
  • Supports CE marking as a safety standard
  • Compliant with environmentally friendly RoHS Directive

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Main Applications

  • Light source for optical fiber illumination


AC Type100 V
Default SettingsInput voltage switch: 115 display AC cable: MC-AC100A-2.0M
Input VoltageAC100 to 120 V/ 200 to 240 V (50/ 60 Hz)
Input Voltage Switching Method *1With AC 100 input: Set to 115 display With AC 200 input: Set to 230 display
Input Current (typ)2.4 A (with AC 100 V input)
1.2 A (with AC 200 V input)
Lamp VoltageDC 11.7 V ±0.2 V (max.)
Average Lamp Life *21,000 hours nominal
Average Illuminance *3Approx. 30,000 Lx
Color Temperature3,100 K
Installation MethodHorizontal installation with the rubber feet on the bottom facing down
WeightApprox. 2.0 kg
Operating Temperature/ Humidity0°C to 45°C 80% RH up to 31°C, 50% RH up to 40°C
Safety Standards *4EN61010:2001 EN61000-6-2:2001/ EN55011:1998, A1:1999, A2:2002

* Lamps other than compatible lamps cannot be used.

**: Made-to-order product

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Option nameOption Model
Replacement lamp
External remote connector with cable
External remote connector