These products are dedicated controllers for the MCEP-CR(CG, CB, CW)8-070-3 Series, MCEP-CR(CG, CB, CW)8 Series, and MSPP Series.
Models are digital light intensity control units.
It automatically recognizes the maximum current 350mA or 700mA.

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AC Type100V
Output2 channel output; 350mA/700mA for each channel
input VoltageAC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Input Current0.11/0.07A (at AC100/240V)
Inrush Current16/40A or less (at AC100/240V)
Operating Temperature0~+45℃
Output FormatDC continuous output
Output Control MethodConstant control current (variable current)
External light intensity control functionYes(8-bit digital)
Lighting ON/OFF functionYes(photo coupler insulation type)
Cooling MethodNatural cooling
Installation MethodInstalled with rubber legs placed on a flat surface
WeightApproximately 0.9kg

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