• Peak wavelength of 850 nm for most models, 940 nm for the MCEL-CIR8-940
  • Provides high-contrast recognition of images that are often difficult to produce with visible light
  • Effectively illuminates materials that react chemically to visible light rays
  • Using IR Series models with infrared-compatible cameras and our lenses delivers highly effective results
  • Achieves approximately 1.7-times higher reflectance rate for 500-nm and 850-nm gold (Au) than visible light

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Main Applications

  • Recognition of gold wiring
  • Internal recognition of plastic bottles (with film)

Model Description


Maximum Rated Current (A)0.27
Ring Internal Diameter/Dimension (mm)φ16
Ring External Diameter/Dimension (mm)φ48
Light Emitting Part Dimensions
Weight (g)65
Product TypeDirect Rings

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