Our Global Team


MORITEX Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Myco Wu
Managing Director


Nevertheless correct sentence is "Let me introduce our role in MORITEX group"

As the main factory in MORITEX group, we manufacture almost all of the products of machine vision and cosmetics related equipment and supply to customers all over the world.

In addition, we also contribute to improve MORITEX value and competitiveness in the market. We closely collaborate with the procurement and design department in Japan in the process of selecting suitable suppliers and developing new product prototypes.

Myco Wu

Gang Gang Song

Gang Gang Song
Sales Director, China


There is a big market demand globally for liquid-crystal, organic EL, on-car products and assembling parts for smart phone. Stimulated by high capital investment from major equipment manufacturers in China, Europe and the United States, the machine vision industry is booming.

Our Sales Team has a lab in Suzhou, with the support team of technical sales, application engineers and marketing, and is active in the northern, central and southern region of China.

China remains the strategic country for MORITEX's main business, the Machine Vision products. We are always working closely with the Product Development team in Japan to drive suitable and effective marketing strategy to promote sales and increase Moritex brand name in the region.




Suzhou office

MORITEX Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Hiroshi HATA
Sales Director

Since February 2016 I have been assigned as a sales director of Moritex Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (MAP) based in Singapore.

MAP covers the region of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries like India. At this point of time, MAP is actively trying to penetrate and increase its presence in SEA by developing various marketing and business activities.

In these countries, many of the world's high-tech manufacturers have main plants in Asia. It potentially bring great benefits to MAP where a substantial demand for machine vision, our main business, is needed in these plants.

Hiroshi HATA

MORITEX North America, Inc.

Hiroaki TOMONO

I have been leading MORITEX North America since Nov. 2016.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, we play an active part in all sales & marketing activities covering the region of east coast to the central of United States.

These regions are prospective markets for our machine vision business. Many major global automotive, FA and inspection equipment manufacturers including Japanese affiliated companies have allocated their R&D laboratories and factories here with massive amount of capital investment.

I have over thirty years of sales experience in the oversea market in machine vision business, starting from my first posting to Germany in product management and I spent my early life studying abroad in the US.

Hiroaki TOMONO

Jason Baechler

Jason Baechler

Jason Baechler joined MORITEX at its San Jose, CA headquarters in 2004 as Technical Sales and has since served in various roles, including Sales Manager, Product Manager, Business Manager, and now manages the North America organization & leads business development in the Americas.

Located in the center of global technology innovation, development & investment in the Silicon Valley, Jason applied his background in Electrical Engineering to cultivate the semiconductor and electronics markets with MORITEX's advanced lens/optics, illumination and hardware integration capabilities. During his tenure, MORITEX's product portfolio and customer base have expanded to cover the diverse, far reaching machine vision market segments with the same high quality solutions that MORITEX is known for.

MORITEX Europe Representative Office

Takeshi MATSUO
General Manager

I was assigned to Munich, Germany office as a Sales Manager when it was first established in November 2016. The office is set up as the main sales base in Europe, where our main market focus is in Germany, followed by Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom and other neighboring countries.

Germany, being a global industrial power with a flourishing automobile industry, is a potential area for MORITEX. Many companies have expanded to support the demand and in particularly, the country is also setting up a state policy to develop the FA market. This leads to a potential high demand for machine vision related products, our core business.

Takeshi MATSUO