Message from the President

Working with a good team of great expertise, we will bring the best quality products and services to the global market

Since its founding in 1973, Moritex has been steadily growing, expanding a variety of businesses, such as optical applied equipments business and functional material business, based on its own "optical technology".

In the field of machine vision, the optical applied equipments remain as our main business focus. We work tireless to develop advanced technology and value add to each product and service we are providing.

We have made a breakthrough as a leading manufacturer and as one of the top market share holders in the world, supplying to various markets such as semiconductors, electronic components packaging and LCD related manufacturing.


MORITEX's core technology consists of lenses, optical fiber, illumination, electrical circuit and control technology. Our unique and high technologies are adapted to mobile phone devices, PC and electronics for automobile, etc., which are applicable in various products widely used in modern society today.

By applying the core technology, we have also expanded into the field of cosmetics equipment. We manufacture devices to measure skin condition used at cosmetic counter. Our skin counseling devices with unique system have a reputation as being the best in Japan.

Global Presence

Delivering the best products and service to all over the world.

MORITEX joined in alliance with CITIC, China's largest conglomerate in 2015. We are expanding our business in Asia in addition to North America and Europe and have been gaining a foothold in the global market.

In the era of automation and high technology, MORITEX will continue to be agile and play an active part in developing our products and services to support the needs of the industry.

Corporate Values

As a leading company and a vision to integrate in the global stage, we have established a guideline and advocate the values of Energy, Skills, Collaboration. With these values, we hope to work hand in hand with our employees to move towards our vision and goals.

We also look forward to work with individuals with passionate attitude, portraying the spirit of "I want to play an active part in the world".

Moving forward, providing support, and adding values of optical technology to the future.