Core Technology

Optical technology to the future

Nobuyuki KawasakiChief Technical Officer

MORITEX, as a technology approach-style company, is always following market needs and providing solutions based on our expertise on optical technologies at the core of customer's issues and latent needs.

While actively gathering various information on market needs, we continue to work on developing a range of standard products, which are ready to support customer in a timely manner. These standard products are also highly versatile, where they can be customized accordingly to customer's specific needs.

MORITEX's strength also lies in our know-how of the core technologies required for machine vision, such as lenses, LED/fiber illuminations, and cameras. We hold a precious database of various designs and simulation techniques that incorporates these important elements, which we have been accumulating through collaboration with customers over the years.

With our expertise in the core technologies, we are able to predict its functions and characteristics before manufacturing prototypes. This enable us to provide solutions to customers in a shorter time. Furthermore, based on each core technology, we aim to offer turnkey solutions to customer's needs by combining modularization technology and software technology as well as providing supply of the individual parts.

The production base of Moritex is concentrated in two places, our head office in Asaka, Japan and the Shenzhen factory in China built in 2002. Each branch produces high quality products with superior reliability with an integrated system that utilizes advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipments. It ranges from design to fabrication, assembly, manufacture and inspection. We are also stepping up efforts to streamline efficiency, reduce costs, and shorten delivery times.