Business Outlook

Realistic business perspective with real time market research

Yukio YamamotoGeneral Manager

In recent years where business globalization continues to accelerate as the global economy has become borderless, the environment surrounding Moritex continues to change dramatically and constantly.

We are proud to be a leading manufacturing company in optical, fiber and illumination system for semiconductor sector. However it must also be in our consideration that if we only focus on specific industries and regions, we will be left behind in the world. Developing business plan centering our core technologies, we are actively expanding sales to new industry and undeveloped overseas markets, and diversify by investing in new potential businesses that will become our future pillar.

The key approach taken to maintain the accelerated expansion is by being 'Agile', which is to understand market needs by speedy market research, rapidly developing new products and steadily reforming into high-profit structure through cost improvements.

Vision Creating Value, our company's logo mark represents endless pursuit of high quality and solution, constantly creating value through a vision (optical technology) ahead of time. We hope to contribute to the development of the world and in order to achieve a high goal (Vision), we will never stop progressing and running the company in the global level.