FA/Line Scan Lens

With the increasing number of line scan and large format applications, we have continued to expand our product offering beyond the compact telecentric lenses that have become an industry standard for area scan applications. We offer an assorted range of lens solutions designed for large format high resolution line and area scan cameras used for glass, Web, TFT inspection and other applications which call for a high performance and low distortion lens. Our models provide the optical performance that challenging large format applications demand supporting line image sensors from 2k to 12k with models compatible up to 90 mm wide and a pixel pitch of down to 5 μm.

Series lineup

ML-FF Series for Machine Vision

  • Compact Design
  • Vis/NIR AR Coating
  • Resolving Power 130lp/mm, Resolution 4.5μm/pixel
  • Full size 35mm format compatible
  • Designed for common lens mount
  • Connection with ML-TUBE allows flexible magnification adjustment
*1 Coming soon

Model Name Focal Length(mm) Magnification x Image Format(mm)
28 ∞ - 0.13 35
35 ∞ - 0.035 43
55 ∞ - 0.3 62.5
65 ∞ - 0.4 62.5
80 ∞ - 0.088 62.5
100 ∞ - 0.4 82

**: Made-to-order product

Mount adapter for ML-FF (ML-TUBE)

Mount adapter for ML-FF (ML-TUBE)

  • Selectable Helicoid method / Screw method
  • Variable magnification

Model Name Mount Type
M35/M39 Mount Conversion ring
F Mount Focus adjusting adapter
M42 Mount Focus adjusting adapter
M42 Mount Focus adjusting ring 5mm-20mm
M58 Mount Focus adjusting adapter
M58 Mount Focus adjusting ring 5mm-20mm
M72 Mount Focus adjusting adapter
M72 Mount Focus adjusting ring 5mm-20mm
M92 Mount Focus adjusting adapter
M92 Mount Focus adjusting ring 5mm-20mm
M95/M90 Mount Conversion ring

**: Made-to-order product

ML-13538 Series for Machine Vision

  • The ML-13538-82V70 is designed for full compatible with latest 16K5 sensor and large format area sensors
  • High resolution > 130lp/mm
  • Large image circle 82mm

Model Name Focal Length (mm) Magnification x Image Circle (mm)
133.1 0.33 (0.27 - 0.39) 82
134.8 0.5 (0.44 - 0.56) 82
133.8 0.76 (0.70 - 0.82) 82

**: Made-to-order product

ML-F90C Series for Machine Vision

  • Optimized for the use of 16K Line scan camera.
  • Excellent resolution over150lp/mm makes full use of latest 3.5um pixel sensor.
  • The brightness design Fno 2.8 is available to be used for high-speed application.
  • RGB chromatic aberration correction design provides images with true color.

Model Name Focal Length (mm) Magnification WD (mm) Fno
97.6 0.7 181 2.8-22
97.7 1.75 95.7 2.8-22

**: Made-to-order product

ML-3528-43F for Machine Vision

  • Standard F mount lens suitable for 6k7 and 29Mp camera. Perfect image quality from the center to the edge of the image especially in the short WD range.

Model Name Focal Length (mm) Fno Image Circle (mm)
35 2.80 - 22.00 45

**: Made-to-order product

ML-F80C Series for Machine Vision

  • Magnification from 0.2× to 0.5× (ML-F80C-0205) and from 0.5× to 1.0× (ML-F80C-0510) with flange focal distance adjustment
  • Designed with RGB chromatic correction
  • Low distortion with minimal peripheral brightness fall-off
  • Maximum applicable sensor size: 82mm
  • Variable iris
  • Flange focal distance control enables users to change magnification without additional cost for a complex focus system.

Model Name Focal Length (mm) Magnification Image Format (mm)
84.55 0.2-0.5 82
83.73-82.53 0.5-1.0 82

**: Made-to-order product