90° Side-view Adapters for Lightscope Series Models

Use these adapters to observe the inner walls of pipes or cavities. They change the direction of view by 90° when attached to the Lightscope tip.

Model Name Tip Diameter
MSPS-SA 10 mm
(For MSHS and MSHI models)
7.5 mm

Digital Camera Adapter

Support many different digital camera brands. (Note that not all brands and models may be adapted.)

Using this adaptor to connect the Lightscope to a digital camera enables multiple people to view the images on site and allows the images to be recorded or saved to memory cards.

Model Name Supported Models
MDA-M1 All MORITEX Borescopes with eye pieces

C Mount Adapter

Used to connect the borescope to a CCD camera with a C mount.

Connects the Lightscope's eyepiece to the camera to display the imaging output on a monitor.

Model Name Supported Models Compatible CCD Sensor Size Fno Lens
C-mount Adapter All borescopes with eye pieces 1/2 inch  4 Infinity (∞)

Borescope Light Guide

A special light guide used to provide light when an external light source is connected to the borescopes.

MORITEX light sources can be connected via the light guide by removing the battery handle when a strong external light source is necessary.

Recommended Light Source Models

  MHAA-100W (100-W halogen light source)
  LLS3 (white LED light source)

Model Name Supported Models Fiber Material Length
LSSG-1000V All borescopes

Multicomponent glass 1 m