Interlock Type

Lightscopes for industrial use that can be bent and retain the shape of nearly any curve.

  • The borescope's built-in white LED illumination has high color temperature for clearer observation.
  • Angle of view : Approx. 60°
  • Tip diameter: 6 or 8 mm (7.5 or 10 mm when Side-view Adapter is attached

Interlock Type Lightscope is a lineup of ideal industrial borescopes for inspection and observation of narrow cavities or hollow spaces. The easy focus adjustment mechanism allows you to adjust the focus during observation to anywhere between infinity and the minimum focus distance of 10 mm. Pixel counts range from 7,400 to 10,000, and there are four effective lengths available (1,000, 1,350, 2,000 and 3,000 mm). The waterproof head and tube (i.e. the probe) sections enable work in wet environments.

Main Applications

  • Automotive: Engines, transmissions, differentials, air conditioners
  • Industrial machinery: Engines, transmissions, hydraulic pipes
  • Gas equipment: Pipes, vents
  • Aerospace: Turbine blades, combustion chambers, rocket engines
  • Sewers: Plumbing, toilet clogs, defect inspection, residential plumbing
  • Petrochemical plants: Process pipes, plumbing, pressure storage tanks, heat exchangers, boilers
  • Shipping: Boilers, turbines, diesel engines


Name (model name) MSPI-1000IV MSPI-2000IV MSPI-3000IV MSGI-1350IV MSHI-1000IV
Applications Inspection and observation within narrow cavities and deep hollow spaces.
Type Interlock
Effective Length (mm) 1,000 2,000 3,000 1,350 1,000
Tip Diameter 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm 6 mm
Tip Diameter (with Side-view Adapter attached) 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 7.5 mm
Image Fiber Material Plastic Plastic Plastic Glass Plastic
Number of Pixels 7,400 7,400 7,400 10,000 7,500
Bare Fiber Diameter (µm) 20 20 20 N/A 15
Minimum Bend Radius (mm) 100
Angle of View 60°
Direction of View Straight view (side view with option)
Focus Range 10 mm (minimum focus distance) to infinity
Waterproof Components Head and tube section (waterproof to between 1 and 1.3 atmospheres)
Operating Temperature -20 to 60℃
  • Built-in light source; requires only two C-size batteries (not included) to operate.
  • Built-in light source is power-saving white LED.
  • Head and tube sections are waterproof.
  • Side-view adapter (available accessory) can be attached for 90° side-view observation.
  • Digital Camera Adapter (available accessory) makes it easy to record images.
  • Interlocking tube can retain nearly any shape.
  • Tip diameter of 6 or 8 mm (7.5 or 10 mm when Side-view Adapter is attached)

External View

* Example of imaging using built-in white LED lighting (SUS flexible pipe with inner diameter of 10 mm)


7,400 Pixels (white LED)

Standard Set

Borescope unit and Battery Handle

Hard Carrying Case

A handy carrying case that protects the Lightscope