Variable Color RGB Illumination

Designed for the most demanding, color sensitive applications, the Variable Color RGB Illumination is arranged with red, green, and blue LEDs in a compact package.

Series lineup



RGB Series

  • Multi-Color edge type backlight, ring, and bar lights arranged with RGB LEDs in compact packages
  • Capable of individual and mixed color control (1 channel for each color)
  • Optimum for ID inspection, experimentation, and color filter inspection

Model Name Color Maximum Rated Current (A) Light Emitting Part Dimensions (mm)
RGB R:0.03 G:0.04 B:0.04 25×25
RGB R:0.32 G:0.57 B:0.57 100×80
RGB R:0.25 G:0.37 B:0.37
RGB R:0.12 G:0.18 B:0.18 75×30

**: Made-to-order product