High Power LED Spot Illumination

Using high power LED and unique heat dissipation technology, we have successfully achieved brightness levels that outshine the rest of the industry.

Series lineup


MCEP-070-3 Series

From high intensity to ultra-high intensity. Our continually evolving high-powered spot light series has been further enhanced. MORITEX's technologies in optics are combined into the optical system to achieve ultra-bright, highly uniform illumination especially for MML coaxial lighting.

Model Name Color Maximum Rated Current (A)
Red 0.7
Green 0.7
Blue 0.7
White 0.7

**: Made-to-order product


MCEP Series

  • MCEP-CW8 will be discontinued and"MCEP-CW8-2N " will be available instead.
  • MCEP-CR8, MCEP-CG8, MCEP-CB8 will be continued.

Model Name Color Maximum Rated Current (A)
Red 0.35
Green 0.35
Blue 0.35
White 0.35

**: Made-to-order product