Exhibitions and Events


Trade fairLocationDateDetailReport
Munich, Germany19.06 - 22.06.2018Link
Vision Con2018Suzhou, China07.06.2018Link
Veldhoven, The Netherlands06.06 - 07.06.2018Link
Stuttgart, Germany24.04 - 27.04.2018Link
Boston, USA10.04 - 12.04.2018LinkLink
Amsterdam, Netherland20.03 - 23.03.2018Link
Shanghai, China14.03 - 16.03.2018LinkLink


Trade fairLocationDateDetailReport
Yokohama, Japan06.12 - 08.12.2017Link
Nuremberg, Germany28.11 - 30.11.2017Link
Beijing, China11.10 - 13.10.2017Link
Machine Vision optical seminarBeijing, China14.09.2017Link
Machine Vision optical seminarShenzhen, China26.08.2017Link
Tennessee office housewarming BBQ partyUSA, Tennessee28.07.2017Link
MORITEX products seminarShenzhen, China28.07.2017Link
Machine Vision optical seminarSuzhou, China25.07.2017Link
Shenzhen, China28.06 - 30.06.2017Link
Bangkok, Thailand21.06 - 24.06.2017Link
Yokohama, Japan07.06 - 09.06.2017Link
Stuttgart, Germany09.05 - 12.05.2017Link
Chicago, USA03.04 - 06.04.2017LinkLink
Shanghai, China14.03 - 16.03.2017LinkLink


Trade fairLocationDateDetailReport
Yokohama, Japan07.12 - 09.12.2016Link
Stuttgart, Germany08.11 - 10.11.2016Link
Beijing China17.10 - 19.10.2016Link
Shenzhen, China29.06 - 01.07.2016Link
Partner Event, MORITEX ShenzhenShenzhen, China28.06.2016Link
Boston, USA03.05 - 05.05.2016Link
Partner Event, MORITEX ShenzhenSuzhou, China18.03 - 18.03.2016Link
Shanghai, China15.03 - 17.03.2016Link


Trade fairLocationDateDetailReport
Yokohama, Japan02.12 - 04.12.2015Link
Partner Event, MORITEX North America, Inc.San Jose, C. A, N.A12.11 - 13.11.2015Link
Beijing, China14.10 - 16.10.2015Link
Tokyo, Japan24.06 - 26.06.2015