• High performance parallel light back light
  • 45mm effective emission diameter
  • Available in two colors: green and white

Maximum rated current is 700mA and electrical power consumption is 3W. Recommended controller is MLEP-B070W Series
Blue color and red color is production on demand basis
Constant voltage operation type is available on your request

*1 Lens tube length includes LED illumination unit, and adjustable length allowance is 2.5mm maximum depends on LED
Inspection data provided for every lens

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Main Applications

• Components for electronics

Smartphone components inspections, smartphone assembly inspections, final visual inspections

• Measurement and inspection of high precision components

Automotive parts: cam shafts, engines, catalytic converters, etc.

Model Description


Lighting Area (φmm)45
WD (mm)115
Color temperature (K) Min. - Max.4,500~10,000
Dominant wavelength (nm) Min. - Max.-
Beam angle (deg.)0~0.43
Length (mm) *1156.4
Front Outer dia. (φmm)65
Weight (kg)0.58
Max rated current (mA)700
Power consumption (W)3

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