• Vibration resistance up to 5G, 10G version optional available
  • Five models with magnification range from 0.05x to 1.72x (using close-up ring)
  • Close-up rings can be used to adjust magnification and working distance
  • Distortion-free, high performance design
  • Maximum compatible Image format : Diameter 12.8 mm

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Main Applications

  • External appearance inspection
  • Alignment
  • Optical Character Recognition


Focal Distance (mm)50
Magnificationx0.5 - x0.8
O/I (mm)228.4 - 205.5
WD (mm)149.1 - 111.1
F No.3 - 16
TV Distortion (%)0.07 or less
Image formatDiameter 12.8mm
Weight (g)95

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