Safety, Health, Environment and Security Policy

Safety, health, environment and security activities are the foundation of our company. Through our activities, we are committed to establish a workplace which minimizes potential risks of safety, health, environment and security to our employees and the local community.

  1. We use best efforts to fully comply with all relevant laws and regulations of safety, health, environment & security and continuously strive to improve them.
  2. We assess hazardous risks at workplaces to prioritize countermeasures and thus transform our workplace from a “Zero Accident Workplace” to “Zero Hazard Workplace”
  3. We conduct our safety activities with good communication and cooperation not only with our own employees but also people working in our sites.
  4. Through training and internal communication to employees, we aim to raise awareness of safety, health, environment & security.
  5. We invest all necessary resources for our safety, health, environment and security activities, to assure effective and sustainable improvement.
  6. We harmonize with the environment by implementing manufacturing processes that reduce impact to the environment and by providing green products to our customers.

November 8, 2010